“CrossFit Bourne has pushed me out of my comfort zone and has allowed me to do things I was never able to do or thought I could do. I have been at CrossFit Bourne for over 2 years now and during this time I have taken on the sport of Standup Paddle Board racing, competed in several Spartan races, local CrossFit competitions and two CrossFit Game opens. I will be turning 45 in September and I will not be slowing down but figuring out how much more I can accomplish. I know if I had not walked into CrossFit Bourne two years ago, I would not be doing the things I am doing today and I thank Ben Garlington and all the coaches at CrossFit Bourne.”

-Michelle (mother, wife, full time job and sponsored SUP racer)

I can’t even begin to explain my excitement/pure butt kicked exhaustion after my first class. I left the class already planning to go back the next day. I have never felt more empowered in my life….

I have found my “self” at Crossfit. I’ve found my second home, my fit-fam, at Crossfit Bourne. I have gained amazing personal strength, amazing physical strength, and an amazing sense of self and self-love. I no longer weigh myself and measure my self-worth by any number…. I’m fit. I’ve found I’m capable of doing things I’ve never in my life ever dreamt possible. The progression physically and mentally is amazing.

At Crossfit Bourne I have found more than just a place to work out. I’ve found an amazing, supportive community that pushes and motivate you to keep going when you don’t think you can. I’ve found an amazingly knowledgeable head coach, Ben, who’s always pushing me and helps me achieve my goals…. I also found that I didn’t know close to anything I thought I knew about fitness ☺.

Empowerment… that is what I found at CFB. A feeling I’ve never truly understood before now.

-Jen (mother of 3, wife, addiction counselor)

-Penny (mother, wife, firefighter and CFB coach)

“When I joined CFB I had just completed my second marathon and thought I was in ok shape. But after my first week of classes, when every muscle hurt and a 6 min AMRAP left me more out of breath than a 26.2 mile run - I realized I had a LONG way to go! I was not very confident about lifting at first, but with the encouragement of the coaches and members, as well personalized attention to correct form, I am continually making progress. CFB is a fun and welcoming community where everyone is rooting for each other- AND it has helped me PR all my road races! Thank you Ben and everyone at CFB for helping me do things I never imagined I could! “

-Jenny (mother, wife, shoe designer, runner, local oyster farmer)