Our mission at CrossFit Bourne is to forge and nurture strong communities;
communities comprised of individuals bound together by their relentless pursuit
of a happier, healthier and more productive life.




For Employees: 

You do not have to be in good shape to start. This challenge is designed for beginners!

  • 18 Total Training Session at your office or workspace, 30-40 minutes each, 3 days a week for 6 weeks.
  • Nutrition Plan- 12 Weeks of Recipes and Meal Plans, 24/7 Text and email support
  • Before and After Photos, Body Measurements and Body Fat % Calculations
  • This is not a “biggest loser” challenge, all transformation are welcome not just weight loss.
  • Our goal is to educate you on proper nutrition and on how to workout effectively with minimal time and equipment.
  • Must be willing to commit to entire 6 weeks.
  • Positive attitudes only, must enjoy working in a group environment.
  • Minimum of 10 Participants.



For Employers:

We are committed to your employees' spirit, mind and body well-being. Employees are the most valuable assets to any company. Organizations that value and promote a healthy lifestyle have an edge when it comes to attracting and retaining people. Plus, companies enjoy a variety of additional benefits of healthy employees, including:

Increased Morale, Productivity & Retention

Physical activity improves moods and energy and decreases stress and anxiety. Active employees feel good about themselves and their work.

Decreased Absenteeism & Health Care Costs

An estimated 25-30% of companies' medical costs per year are spent on employees with excess, often preventable, health risk. Improved wellness reduces employee absenteeism, injury, overall medical claims and healthcare costs.
*Statistics proved by the American Heart Association, 2010.

The Cost of Health Care

  • 90% of health care costs are associated with preventable illnesses.
  • 59% of employees don't get adequate exercise, resulting in problems like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, obesity and heart disease.
  • The average employee misses 8.4 days annually due to illness or injury, totaling over $63 billion nationwide.
  • Each employee that smokes costs an employer an additional $3,856 a year in healthcare costs and lost productivity.

*Statistics provided by Health Affairs, 2010

CrossFit Bourne has the expertise to help you develop a stronger, more vibrant and productive workforce. We know that with the increasing cost of health care, more and more companies are in need of a program that engages and motivates employees. 

To learn more about our Corporate Wellness programs and how to implement a challenge with your employees, please contact Ben Garlington, Director of Corporate Wellness, at Ben@CrossFitBourne.com