CrossFit Bourne is owned and operated by head coach Ben Garlington.  Ben is a lifelong athlete who enjoys, more than anything, the camaraderie amongst teammates that athletics and competition nurtures.

After his senior year of college baseball Ben was left without a platform to recreate the excitement and team atmosphere that was all too familiar to him during his athletic career. During this time Ben struggled to motivate himself and stay in shape. He was greatly under-stimulated by starring at himself in a mirror doing bicep curls at his local, $10 per month, globo-gym. Ben put health and fitness on the back burner and as a direct result, many other aspects of his life began to suffer.

Two years and 75lbs later, Ben was fed up with the way he was living and vowed to make a change. Not yet deaf to the world around him, he kept hearing about CrossFit. Originally perceived as some sort of boot camp for extreme fitness fanatics Ben shied away, for the fear that it would be too intense for his current fitness level.  He rejoined his corner globo-gym and thought to himself “this time it will be different”, it was not, it was the same impersonal, intimidating atmosphere that caused his departure years ago. Not yet ready to give up on his pursuit of a better and healthier life, Ben finally gave in and decided to give CrossFit a chance.

During his first group class, Ben was gasping for breath while his muscles screamed for relief. His instincts kicked in and told him to lay down and give up, but something was different this time, something familiar. He raised his head only for a moment to catch his breath, but in that moment he heard something unexpected, other members (strangers at the time) urging him on with words of encouragement…. teammates. He drew motivation from their screams and pushed himself far beyond what he thought he was capable of at the time. He had finally found what he was looking for, a community and a team, but this time his team was made up of grandfathers, mothers, firefighters and teachers alike.

After his first class Ben drank the proverbial “punch” and was hooked. Motivated by his personal experiences with CrossFit Ben was desperate to spread the word and introduce CrossFit to others in a way that did not intimidate or exclude.

At CrossFit Bourne we make sure that CrossFit is FUN and NON-INTIMIDATING. We are here to foster a COMMUNITY that supports and pushes each other DAY IN AND DAY OUT.